Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Singapore

This authentic structure began as the Town Hall. Building process was moderate, it took right around 6 years to finish. This could be because of tight funds in those days as the structure was supported through open assets.

The two story building was structured by John Bennett, and it was based for a great scope. Its wonderfully planned structure with a great deal of Italian impact, just as impacts from the British Neo-style during the Victorian time. It had a lobby on every one of its two stories, just as workplaces for the metropolitan staff in those days. Shows and theater creations were performed at the Town Hall in those days, and it was likewise utilized for some balls.

Truth be told, the Town Hall housed the Singapore Library, which later turned into the Raffles Library and afterward along these lines, become the National Library. There are a few Singapore inns in focal business locale which are close by the Victoria Theater and Concert Hall. These incorporate the Fullerton Hotel and Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. Different lodgings which are not so distant incorporate the Marina Bay Sands resort, Mandarin Oriental and Raffles Hotel.

At the point when Queen Victoria passed on in 1901, there was a gigantic discussion whether to respect her with a sculpture. Rather, it was picked to respect her with a structure. In this manner, another open lobby was included 1903, close to the Town Hall.

The respecting of Queen Victoria has in a roundabout way added to the quality of the Victoria Theater. About $368,000 was raised for the development of the structure through open assets. There were overabundance of over $22,000, which was utilized for the repairs of the Town Hall. The new structure was authoritatively opened in 1905. The next year likewise observe another expansion. The now-renowned 54 meter tall clock tower was added between the two lobbies to associate them, giving bystander a feeling that the two structures were one. The two structures were associated with a typical hallway. The Town Hall re-opened in 1909, and The Pirates of Penzance was the primary execution arranged at the revamped constructing.

Waterways Trading Company gave a watch to the clock tower which had a clock face on every one of the four sides and it tolled hourly. The hourly ring upset the visitors at the Hotel de I’ Europe which was by the Padang in those days. The rings were halted from 9pm to 7am with the goal that visitors at the inn can have a decent night rest.

Another reality which most don’t know is that the sculpture of Sir Stamford Raffles. It used to remain at the Esplanade and was moved to remain before the two corridors just in 1919.

The structures turned into an improvised clinic during the World War II and in 1947, the Victoria Memorial Hall, which filled in as a metropolitan structure, was where Japanese officials and troopers who was blamed for slaughters and barbarities were gone after for atrocities. Major-General Saburo Kawamura and Colonel Masyuki Oishi were denounced and condemned to death there.

In 1954, the Town Hall was revamped and cooling was introduced. It turned into the Victoria Theater with a seating limit of more than 900. It experienced another major redesigning and retrofitting in 1979, as was re-opened as Victoria Concert Hall. A display was included and the second story galleries on the front and back were glassed.